Wrapping up the ghoulies -mini e-class-summerfest 2010

I'm Late! sorry bout that folks- one of the draw backs of being in the middle of no where- is that,
your in the middle of no where. and by no where i mean cable arrived some time in the
past two years- and there is no cell service. As a result i am at the whim of mother nature, who
has been, well let us just say- she has been a bit irritable the past few days- either that or
Thor is auditioning for a new band. This activity results in cable (Internet) intermittent for about
5 minutes every 6 to 8 hours.  But we are back up on line- so here is what i
finally wound up doing.
Once i sat back and looked at my ghoulies, i just wasn't happy with their....ghouliness. so i pulled
out my bucket of molding paste and some cheese cloth and decided to
beef up their ghoul level.

once all the icky stuff was dried up and set i mixed up a concoction of raw umber, quin gold,
gesso and flow release and slathered them up.
 **oh- BIG mention here- make sure you place your
work in a position you want it to stay in before you use the molding paste- it's like putting it in a body cast
and it's mobility drops to about 23% when its dry**
this particular ghoulie wound up carrying a ghost on its back- i happened to have
some dry pumpkin ghosts *the ghosts of pumpkins past* and some cotton fish net in
the same location- you never really know what is going to come together
when you start~
i still have to seal them- a good coat of varnish should do it- and some gloss on their eyes to make
them shine-
i may even give them bases in the form of rocks and gravestones-  possibilities are endless
when you start working with figures.

every one takes on it's own personality- and if you get stuck, have no fear.
sooner or later they will tell you what they want to ; look like, wear,
do or even say. all you have to do listen to them.

"Kootash dai na, aja nilo. "
[translation] "Take my hand and I will spare your friends."
                                                       ~The Mummy

Thank you Juliet! i am glad you enjoyed it!
Kristal-Hey Girl! no worries~gather your supplies! i am going to keep these up for a while- and after that, there will be a direct link on the side, so that you can refer back to them at any time!
Di~ you are the sweetest person on the planet! and i thank you for your kind words. i am speechless at the role model part- i've often been referred to as a bad influence :oP - as for a role model i am honored, and humbled. you are an inspiring work of art yourself- and i am blessed to call you friend.

Have a wonderful week all~ I am in the overwhelmed part of the process here- working to stock a new gallery **the studio is hitting the west coast! formal announcement to come- listen for the squeels of delight*  and trying to stay afloat in the mean time with the rest of you~sometimes the simplest thing we can do to be happy is just smile at the blessings we have~ and i have so many, of which you are included.

live well.
love each other.

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