the findings of my gypsy journey or why i believe i should come back as a bat

sounds silly enough- coming back as a bat- its not like i have a fetish for mosquitoes, and while i do have perfect pitch hearing- i tend to be quite fond of my eye sight. so why a bat you might ask? well- first and foremost- bats are super cool. and really. who doesn't want to be super cool at least once in their existence? but that isn't even it- the real reason goes much deeper than that-  
 i have an on going love affair infatuation with places like this:
i can tell you, i just want to, feel compelled to, really long to, well, hang out in there.
what do you say? just for a few hours. i am betting the view is fantastic!
and then there is this.

it's not a morbid facination- but a facination nonetheless-
graveyards. cemeteries. boneyards- what ever you call them.
every one of those markers tells a story. had a life, lived a dream, broke a heart. and as daft as it may
sound- i find great peace listening to their stories.

and the older the marker, the deeper the history, the better the story.

this is my favorite time of day- the time when the sun just sets but it is not yet dark.
the earth starts to cool, your skin takes to a chill and the chaos begins to quiet. this is the
time when my mind starts to whir.
As you can tell by the time of this post, i seldom sleep through the night,
unless it is a full moon- and then i don't sleep at all. for three days.
until it starts to wane- my mind won't shut off and my eyes won't shut. 
a bit odd i think- but i am used to it- and a such,
we have great conversations during those times,
the moon and i.
and i think she will be great company when i come to take flight.
as a bat.

live well.
love each other.


Wendy said...

Your imagination is wonderful. I have a fascination with places like this as well. However, I don't think I would come back as a Bat, but they are adorable.
Great building.

di from di-did-it said...

Fascinating... odd, but fascinating... (tee hee, jk). Great photos & blog post. I love dusk too. Unlike you, however, I sleep straight through the entire night 99.9% of the time. I'd rather not sleep 33% of my life away, but if I don't, I'm, shall we say, cranky?
Hugs & happy Friday the 13th!

Whisperings 13 said...

Thank you Wendy! i'm not sure what it is about these places- but they certainly are inviting!

Di! Happy 13th!! (though now i'm a bit late!) i'm still getting used to this darn comment moderation thingy and their new spam filters! ;o) i only get cranky if i force myself to try and sleep- it goes something like this... toss, turn. toss. turn. swear. turn. grumble. toss. zombie stare at the walls. HAHA!

::hugs:: to you both!