Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! or Mayhem, Excitement and Deadlines~ My work here has just begun!

When school lets out in the June, everyone is a flutter with excitement and anticipation.
 It's SUMMER!  There is packing to be done and trips to be made,
sunshine to delight in and hammocks to relax in.
And the lazy days of summer stretch on and on and on.....
until ***'"'PooF'''"' one day you wake up and it's over. and you can't quite
grasp on to where it all went. and then you realise. if Summer is over, then school must be starting.
 if school is starting, the Autumn must be on it's way. if Autumn is on it's
way, then that MuST mean....
HaLLoWeeN is Coming!!!!
i love Halloween (or All-Hallows Eve, as we call it here at the Noll).
i keep half of my decorations up all year long.
half of them- because then, there is still always decorating for the day (and night)
 to be done! and oh, what fun we have!
Halloween invokes images of magic and mayhem. Of full moons and bat wings, of costumes and
cool nights. long walks with leaves crackling beneath your feet. of witches and spells and things
that go bump in the night.
Halloween also means the start of a very busy season here at the Noll. 
Orders come swift and they come early. i now know why stores start to stock
seasonal items three-six months before the season!
*i still don't understand it- but at least now i know!*
I've created a limited studio edition Zen-sible dolls- the most
senseless of creatures- so silly they are! But they are bound
to lighten your mood with a giggle or two!
just watch out for this one, where ever she goes~ she likes to
announce that she's queen of everything- and then tickle your toes!
a touch of Fae and a dose of magic appear in a series of
watercolor paintings on vintage papers 

 3-d sculptured shadow boxes will make their debut. this little
w.i.p. has a 'pocket full of poseys'- look for him in early September!
and the studio series of cloth/sculpted "stump" dolls 
(the 'ada' has to find a better name!)
were so popular *there are still a few left at the shop--->*
that there are more on the drying rack- heading for art shops in Idaho and Oregon.

Little Safarina was so excited- she tried jumping off the drying rack in hot
pursuit of some candy- as you can see- she put on her best witchy
costume- and added a nose, so you would be frightened *don't tell her i told!*

Well, time she is flying, like a witch and her broom!
Halloween will be here before you know it!
 it's time i headed back into the studio!
don't forget to get your custom orders in early~
there are phenomenal artists out there,
with voices to be heard!
if you don't believe me- just listen for the buzz!
it's coming from the hive!

live well.
love each other.


Sandy said...

The little witch is cute. I'll have to enjoy halloween through you, it's boring around here. No decorations, no kids, no customes etc. That's true here in my neighborhood and true with my coworkers. I dressed one year and got nothing but flake at work, so don't bother anymore.

Abi said...

So...... you like Halloween? :O)

Daydreamer :) said...

COOL creations, my dear! :)

K Andrew said...


Whisperings 13 said...

thanks so much everyone!
hee hee- Sandy- if i were you, i would dress up anyway- :o) start a revolution! who knows- maybe it would catch on!!

*abi* uhm.... yup! :O)

*Heather* love- i think your little guy mayneed some company soon! wait till you see what is on the drying rack!

*K Andrew* thank you! your so sweet! once these little guys stop dancing around the studio and hold still for some photos- they will all be coming to the shop in time for Halloween~ don't forget to stop back on the 25th for the Practical magic party- I'll be hosting a very special give away!

::bright blessings::

Elena said...

You are so magically fun! Love the new creations; such fun expressions.