a peak at the darker side of the studio

a confession of being a tad overworked these days;  i am having a hard time splitting the creativity between writing and painting- and as a result, my blogs have been sadly ignored. in attempt to let everyone know that i am infact still currently amoung the living, i have put together a few snaps of my darker, more inspirational side- pulling back the curtain, lifting the veil and sneaking you a peak into the "other"
 side of the studio.
(mixed media totem wips)

(mixed-media wip totem w/ my signature flamed enamel painting technique)
(yes. her head has been turned into a paintbrush holder)

(my 'boyfriend' and the pinnacle of inspiration in the studio; Beau Bunny. he hangs in the foyer, in his 1800's mahogany frame; such a dapper guy deserves no less!. The genius behind this dashing bandito is Donna Courtney at The Decorated House; just know his heart belongs to me!)
(mixed media altered art piece)

(waiting their turn.... creepy, huh.)

(gargoyles and dream jars)

live well.
love each other.

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