Yeah, that worked well.

ok. so. it's only been about three maybe four months - I've been busy. -REALLY-I am still trying to get a hand on this work 8 hour day, take care of family, studio - be creative thingy. Who ever said that artists don't work hard - should be..... well - i don't know - but they have obviously never tried it - or have ever known one - because its alot harder than it looks! I actually have finished several pieces. Some have been photographed - some - not so much. But they are in the process! Things should loosen up soon -IT'S SPRING!!woo hoo - doin' the Springtime dance! I know, I know - same amount of time - but it's different! more sun! more light! and somehow - that extra couple of hours means days worth of productivity, creativity and well - plain old singin', dancin' burst of glee!

And for those friends of mine - that know me way to well - I have SO been in the studio - and I have stuff to prove it! Now, don't fall off your chairs or anything - but not only have I created business cards and two seperate postcards, post-it notes, t-shirts AND return address labels - but, I have also sent 4 of my creature creations off to Art Doll quarterly for publication consideration. talk about stepping outside your comfort zone! UGH! anxiety, anxiety, anxiety! I have also finished one of the largest pieces of altered art i have ever done- three months. three whole months and its finally done. I am very excited and I will post her here as soon as i get the photos back. {{her? did I say her?}} So- I think that even with the deer eating my car incident- all in all - the only things that seems to be suffering are my blog spot here, and my socialization skills! HA HA!
ok- so - I need to get back to work.
Bright blessings to all!


Fenridal said...

See please here

Trae said...

ok - so - please DO NOT "see please here" - this person has nothing better to do than go around and slip in virused links/ads to peoples pages. Once i figure out how to get this off - i will be removing mr. "fenridal" (or ms. I suppose. I guess we need people like this to keep the balance. But, damn frustrating for the rest of us!