so i went out to the market the other day...

the market is some thirty-five miles away, and there is always  loads of things to distract you along the way. One of the farms raises, what my son and i affectionately call "boo goats"- (you know those miniature love bugs that if you run up behind them and startle them they fall over faint?)   and then looking for the longhorns that hide near the tree lines in the outer pastures (i know, longhorns.. right?). This time of year there are always new additions to the surrounding pastures and beasts venturing out searching for new grass. but when I saw this critter, there was literally a locking of breaks. screaching of tires and gaping of mouths.
isn't she magnificient? i love the soft expression in her eyes~ i just knew santa left his sleigh pullers to vacation in the north country!
i am assuming, of course, that it is a she, as her companion was very interested in her, uhm, that is to say, er, her backside. (o.0) hey, this is farm life!
so, evidentally, the prudent owner of this magnificence, chose to safe harbour her and her companions during the hight of hunting season and now leave them to have the run of the entire place. freedom!
now, as a side note of a funny story regarding some of the "hunters" up here, and for those that don't believe one could not identify the rack on that head vs. a deer.
not to long ago, there was a hunter that killed (wait for it).....a cow. lets all keep in mind that this was inthe middle of winter (no pesky underbrush to veil his view) and broad day light. now his defense was, that he thought this creature to be.... a bear. thats right. a bear. a big, clumsy black and white bear hanging out with a dozen other big, clumsy black and white bears in the middle of a pasture eating hay. cause thats what bears do.

live well.
love each other.

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Jeanne said...

WoW!!! What a majestic animal! And an incredible sight. Thanx for sharing. :0)
p.s. Silly Hunter!!!